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The Cart Locker empowered us to maximize our storage capacity while elevating the overall experience of our members!


"We encountered a challenge due to the overwhelming demand for electric cart storage, and our existing space couldn't meet the needs of all our valued members. The introduction of the Cart Locker proved to be the ideal solution. The streamlined efficiency of the Cart Locker system empowered us to fully maximize our storage capacity while elevating the overall experience for our members."

Pat Wilmot

Head Golf Professional

Earl Grey Golf Club

Earl Grey Golf Course Electric Push Cart Storage

A safe, reliable and attractive solution to a growing market!

As electronic caddies have become increasingly popular in recent years, Donalda was faced with a common space and storage issue for member units.

With the installation of Cart Lockers in the 2022 season we were able to clear our power caddy waitlist and offer our membership a safe, reliable, and attractive storage solution for this growing market.

Our Cart Lockers are branded to our club, look great, and most importantly, gave us a perfect solution to a longstanding problem.

I would recommend Cart Lockers to any facility looking to solve storage issues while maintaining a high service level.

Andrew McCarthy

Head Golf Professional

Donalda Club

Golfer and MGI Electric Caddie

Eliminated substantial waitlist for cart storage!

When I first arrived at The Vancouver Golf Club, there was a substantial waitlist for the 80 electric push cart storage spots in existence. Our membership’s desire to charge and store their carts on site was only getting stronger and the waitlist got longer year after year. All clubs appear to be dealing with a similar challenge and most facilities do not have the luxury of additional storage space within their Back Shop facilities, so The Cart Locker is a great outdoor option that solves all of these problems. When I brought in 60 lockers, I was able to eliminate the entire waitlist and my members couldn’t be happier. Looking forward, if demand for electric push cart storage continues to grow – we will simply purchase and install additional lockers on an annual basis.

Sean Thompson

Director of Golf

The Vancouver Golf Club

Glendale Cart Locker Storage



The chaos of push carts strew all over the golf course is painful to see. Electric Push Carts are becoming more and more popular, especially among members. It is wonderful to have them all neatly stored, charged and easy to access for your members at any time. Convert your chaos to revenue this spring and summer!



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Eliminate the chaos of electric push carts
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